Could there be trouble in Paradise?

Could there be trouble in paradise?

Zakes Bantwini and Nandi Madida are a South African couple who we envy, its not everyday you see two prominent media personalities married and making it work, but could there be trouble in paradise? We not one to entertain rumors but you know the saying, where there’s a smoke there’s a fire right?

Yesterday on twitter Nandi posted a picture of her and hubby together reflecting a united front. To our surprise a random twitter head by the name of ‘Minenhle Parker’ lashed out in a post saying, “ZAKES LETS DO THIS DIRTY LAUNDRY”. The young lady accused Zakes of having a girlfriend outside his marriage.

She then followed with a thread on twitter.

Zakes and Nandi did not reply to these accusations. Could this just be a crazy fan looking for attention. Only time will tell.