Madonna loves kids in Africa

The 59-year-old singer has taken to Instagram to reveal her plans to bring education to thousands more Malawian children as her charity Raising Malawi will be teaming up with buildOn to build four more schools in the area, bringing their total to 14.

Madonna also called on her followers to “be the change [they] want to see in the world” as she posted an adorable snap of herself with a group of Malawian children on the site on Thursday.

She wrote: “Let’s start 2018 off right! ! I’m challenging you all to stand up, come together and BE the CHANGE you want to SEE in the World! ! This year we’ll begin by building 4 brand new schools in the Kasungu District of #Malawi . with @RaisingMalawi and @buildOn!! That’s 14 schools in total that will help thousands of kids get the education they so rightfully deserve! Now is the time! Join the#revolutionoflove!  #RaisingMalawi #knowlege #power #educationchildren