Armed Man threatens Amanda Black

Amanda Black was threatened at gunpoint by an unknown assailant on Sunday.

A firightened Amanda posted a video on Twitter where she explained everything that happened last night: "We are here at Polokwane at the Mapungubwe Jazz Festival and there was a whole mix up with times slots. We got here on time for our time slot and literally, we were about to perform and they chased us off stage.

"This guy, I don't even know what his name is, shouted at us. He gets angry, and he pulls out a gun. I don't even know how to feel. He smacked one of my band members for taking pictures. This guy was allowed in, with a gun and threaten our lives."

"This guy followed us to the car and smacked one of my band members and threatened us with a gun for taking a video of him."

The Amazulu singer added: "I've truly never been so scared in my life. The reason I posted was because you guys never see what happens backstage."