Major League Dj’s clap back to Shekinah’s diss track


Who would have thought that pop artists were capable of composing diss tracks, well think again because Shekhinah made it possible. In her lastest album titeled "Rose Gold" which includes a song called "Thirsty", she drops a few industry cats that she was recently affiliated with.

On the song, the singer drops these lines:

Don’t play in major league
I know that the brothers know that
they are trying to run away from paying me
And once again the man texts to leave
I guess I’ll just take a vaccine and sip on my tea
Try keeping on my feet but it’s just hard to do
I just act a fool
Call me what you want
Funny with those dudes I don’t gat a wolf pack
Ain’t nobody ever had my back
I know u ain’t the finest DJ in my land                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      You think i need yo to do what i do 

Its quiet clear from the lyrics that the singer is no longer in good terms with the wolf pack, an unnamed famous dj and the Major League twins. The Major League Dj's were not going to take this lying down, the twins clapped back with a screenshot to show a fan who brought the matter up on twitter. The brothers were accused of not paying the singer for her performances at one of their shows.