Daily Soapie Actress Starring in A New Movie

The same faces in the film and television industry in South Africa are often rotated from one production to another hence calls for a more open industry were made by those who argued that as much as it is business, production houses should consider the new faces too.

Others even went as far as to say that some actors are given the roles on the back of their social media following, not necessarily their skills.

This might be arguably true, however, one should also keep in mind that not all productions use this method to cast for roles.

On the other hand as far as the film industry is concerned, as per the report compiled by the National Film and Video Foundation released in 2016, South Africa’s homebrewed films saw a growth of approximately 55% from box office revenues, while global box office grew by 7% in the first half of that same year.

Then the 2017 one compiled by the same organisation states that the total South Africa’s box office receipts were R568.1 million and of the movies 106 films released in South African, only 10 were from our shores. 

Production houses have to make casting decisions considering all of the above, also produce a quality product.

It is not an easy task. When the 2016 report was being compiled, Zallywood Productions and K20 Films were shooting the first ever female prison movie at the Constitutional Hill in Braamfontein, the main location for the movie.

The directors were excited about what the future had in store for them as far as the movie was concerned not even once worried if the movie will be well received or not.

What excited them the most was the fact that they were on to something that has never been done in South Africa, and also by mainly black film producers. 

That movie was Thembi - a one of a kind female prison film that highlights prison life for female inmates.

The film shows prison life, challenges, survival tactics and it also contains elements of love, affection and romance. 

Playing the lead is soapie actress Innocent Sadiki.

Majority of South Africans did not know Innocent Sadiki when Zallywood Productions and K20 Films cast her to play the lead Thembi in the movie with the same name.

The producers had made their minds prior to the auditions that they would prefer a pretty much new actor for the leading role, however, the actor should be someone with a strong screen presence and ability to bring the character Thembi to life.

When Innocent Sadiki auditioned, they just knew she was what they were looking for.

And they were right, Innocent Sadiki who is currently on a daily soapie delivered.

She managed to use her consummate acting skills to bring Thembi to life. At the premieres held last week in both Sandton and Pretoria, the invited cinema audiences were on the edge of their seats, mesmerised by Innocent Sadiki’s performance. Musician and Actor Muzi Vilakazi plays Thembi’s husband Joe.

Their chemistry is something one has to watch the movie to fully get it.

The movie is opening for one day only in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban on this dates;

Thursday 14 December 2017

Ster-Kinekor Maponya Mall

Ster-Kinekor Festival Mall

Sterland Pretoria


Durban and Cape Town

19 December Ster Kinekor Musgrave

20 December Ster Kinekor Promenade Mall