Hamisa Mobeto Reaches Out To Zari Hassan

Hamisa Mobetto

The love triangle and cheating saga surrounding Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz, his lady Zari Hassan and baby mama Hamisa Mobeto seems to be taking a positive turn in light of the controversy that has surrounded the three of them in recent weeks.

Initially, Hamisa had some scathing remarks aimed at Zari and subsequently the two traded a few barbs before deciding to call a ‘truce.’ Hamisa’s posts, had been fiery. In one post, she claimed Zari’s South African mansion was rented and in another, she claimed that Diamond was in fact, not Nillan’s father.

But lately, it seems like Hamisa has had a sudden change of heart and recently reached out to Zari during a radio interview:

‘The babies have brought us together. I know right now there are so many things people are saying about us but I know for sure someday she and  I will be cool with each other because my child and hers are now siblings and at some point he may wish to visit them and vice versa.” – the video vixen said.

 It is good to see that the dust is settling and everyone involved in this saga can finally move along swiftly with their lives.