Tu Nokwe Invited To The Juu Afrikan Arts & Culture Festival

Legendary South African jazz musician Tu Nokwe has been invited to the Juu Afrikan Arts and Culture festival set to take place on the 22nd and 23rd of September 2017 in Morogoro, Tanzania. Tu Nokwe will be jetting of to Tanzania for the festival to share her knowledge and experience as a seasoned jazz musician.

The themes of the festival are to revive, preserve, and revamp legendary authentic tribal tunes and music from sources of original African roots. The method is fusion and new compositions integrating contemporary sound creations with an influx of authentic rhymes and beats, celebrating the  African heritage of true music.

We aim to re-filter propaganda injecting notions of cultural roots being the spread of endemics like HIV. It is about reinforcing knowledge of awakening misconceptions through commercial endeavours, reclaiming pride in our African culture.

Ruguru Tribal Music Morogoro is about reinstalling into a moral sense of ‘Ikwiko” – messaging morals (correcting bad behaviour) through song into contemporary lives of modernity that has faded away core inherited values in modern trends of toxicity.