Meet 10-Year Old Multiple Award-Winning South African Author At Jozi Book Fair

Meet 10-Year Old multiple Award-Winning South African Author and her Mom, Victorine Mbong Shu At Jozi Bok Fair, 31st  August- 3rd of September 2017.

Stacey is a fun-loving and bubbly young girl born on the 16th of February 2007 in Johannesburg.

She is the second of four children and a self-acclaimed published South African Author.

Stacey loves reading and this habit has shaped her into the youngest multiple award winning writer on the continent, if not internationally .

Stacey wrote her first book ‘Smelly Cats’without her parents’ knowledge when she was 7 and it was published when she was 8. By the time her second book ‘Bob and the Snake’ was published, 9 year old Stacey was three times (multiple) Award Winner! 

‘Smelly Cats’ is the 2016 NDA ‘Best ECD Publication 2015: Special Mention Category, prize donated by UNICEF.

Stacey won 2 awards ‘Young Leader 2016’ for her leading motivational and inspirational roles, and ‘Academic Achievements and Initiatives 2016’ for her writings at the East Wave Radio Nelson Mandela International Community Day Leadership Award. Young Stacey writes stories, essays, poems, speeches and attempts songs.

She is a guitarist and a ballerina. Stacey is a motivational and inspirational speaker of choice for any crowd. Stacey has given public talks to diverse audiences in different occasions, the biggest group being over 800 Matric learners at the AngloGoldAshanti Career Expo 2015.


Multiple Awards Winning Stacey’s fingers do not seem to pause. She has published two chapter books.

Her third book ‘Smelly Cats on Vacation’ will be published in 2017.

To order a book, please contact her through one of the below mentioned channels:

Mobile: +27 82 548 6385





Twitter: @staceyfru