Zinedine Zidane: “The players are hungry for more titles”

Zinedine Zidane gave an interview with the official UEFA press, analysing the European Super Cup tie on the 8th August between Real Madrid and Manchester United. He also spoke of the team’s challenges next season: “We know where we are and the players are motivated and hungry to win more titles.”

  1. How do you approach motivating the team after a season as successful as the last?Real Madrid is a team, a club, an institution with great hunger. We all know where we are and when you finish a season like we did last year, by winning titles, it lifts you, when the next begins, we look to do the same. The challenge is as follows: to win even more titles.
  2. The UEFA Super Cup is the first official trophy to be won this season, you won it as a player and coach. What does this trophy mean to you?It’s an official match like any other. It’s the first one we’re going to have and we all know how important it is. We know the importance of the first official match. Our idea is to go into the 8th well drilled. We are in with a good chance.
  3. Everyone remembers the UEFA Super Cup against Sevilla last year. You then went on a winning streak that lasted until January. How important was it to start that first match with a win?It was fundamental to be honest. The truth is that we had a great season, not just the six months until January. The whole season was huge. We lost only a handful of games and in the end, we won titles. And the idea is still the same. We have a good team and we are going to try our best because in football the most important thing is to give your all. And the great thing about this club, with its history, is that we know where we stand and the players are motivated and hungry to get more titles.
  4. What did you take away from the final part of last season and the demand with so many matches to play?  We knew that it would be long. We started in the best way possible, winning the Super Cup, then the Club World Cup helped a lot, because on returning to LaLiga we started very well. We know that during the season there will be hard times, but the difference, the key for us, was that we hit the end of the season like a freight train. We did really well. In fact, in the Champions final, the second part was a true spectacle. I am very proud of my players and the people who supported us all year. We are Real Madrid and we look to achieve more.
  5. And in this new season, Real Madrid will fight for their third consecutive Champions League title, right?Yes, and we all know it won’t be easy. But it our aim, there ahead of us, and we will try to achieve it. We must fight to get it. We managed to win two in a row, but we want to work hard to try to achieve it.