Opposition Youths Castigate Zimbabwe State Institutions for Stalling Electoral Reforms

Youths from various political parties under National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA) have castigated the state institutions in Zimbabwe for their partisan conduct claiming that this is stalling electoral reforms.

In a statement the youths said instead of being independent; the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission(ZEC) and the State Security Agents have been hijacked and are being used by the ruling ZANU PF party to further its selfish political agenda.

“The electoral system in Zimbabwe has become a mechanism of legitimising ZANU PF’s continued reign. The voice and will of people remain far from being respected,elections are rigged ,violence is used, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has clearly proven to be an extension of ZANU PF, armed forces interfere with elections and there is no action whatsoever from the responsible authorities,” said NERA Youth Chairperson Tawanda Kalonga.

He also took a swipe at Zimbabwe’s judiciary system for trying to silence the opposition political parties through unfair prosecution adding that there was no independence to celebrate as there is no freedom 37 years after the country gained its independence from Britain.

“Far from being the custodians of the law the courts have become ZANU PF centres of torture and persecution to any voice of dissent. There is no media freedom; there is no freedom of expression and freedom after expression. What Independence is this?’’ he said

He added “We have suffered enough at the hands of ZANU PF and we can’t fold our hands and just lament in vain, we thus challenge all the Zimbabwean youths home and abroad to take a stand and say enough is enough you have lied to us for 37 years but not anymore”, he thundered in a statement.

The National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA) is a grouping of Zimbabwe’s opposition parties fighting for electoral reforms. This coalition of 13 political parties has been instrumental in organising peaceful demonstrations to push for the implementation of the electoral reforms in time for 2018 elections.