Eddy Kenzo blasts Uganda Performing Right Society


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Eddy Kenzo has voiced his dissatisfaction with the way Uganda Performing Right Society (UPRS) has been handling money issues in the music industry.

The singer lambasted the association for not paying musicians enough for their work.

“I go to studio, make my music and then they sale it without my consent collect money from DJ’s, music library owners and even from Radio and TV stations, then they call me after a year and give me one million shillings with out any explanation, what happened to transparency?” said Kenzo.

He went on to Facebook to address the issue of caller tunes and how Telecommunication companies take a bulk of the money that should be coming to musicians. “Imagine musicians and their content providers and the government only share 10% of the revenues collected from their songs used for caller tunes and 90% goes to telecoms,” Kenzo said.

“A culture of onesness, selfishness unhealthy competition among the musicians looking up to themselves but not up to the industry’s best is also the problem here. I therefore call upon all musicians to team up as one and unify the industry for the better of today and tomorrow generations,” he added.