Namibia willing to stay in the ICC if America joins

Namibia will consider retaining its membership of the International Criminal Court (ICC) if the United States joins the organisation, Namibia’s president Hage Geingob told the media in London on Thursday.

In March, Namibia announced it intends to leave the ICC.

“People are saying that it only targets African leaders. That seems to be true … and that’s a problem,” said Geingob.

Whilst the Namibian parliament is yet to debate the issue, Geingob believes the withdrawal will e widely supported.

“But if you convince the United States to come, we will stay,” he said.

The United States has not signed or ratified the Rome Statute, a treaty which serves as the ICC’s governing document.

“Africa needs to develop its own processes, systems, courts and institutions,” Geingob added. “It would help us to be self sufficient. We must build lasting institutions … not something imposed from foreign countries.”