Corruption rife in Africa

A survey concluded in 2015 measured the scale of corruption in 28 African countries.

Results of the survey show that 22% of Africans who had contact with public services admit to having paid a bribe in the past year.

In Liberia the figure was 69%. In Kenya and Nigeria it was 37% and 43% respectively.

Most respondents said that they thought corruption had got worse in their country in the past year. In South Africa, the figure was 83%. The wealthiest respondents were half as likely to have paid a bribe as the poorest. Police officers and court officials received most of the bribes. Most respondents said they had paid bribes more than once.

Some countries showed remarkably low levels of corruption. Just 1% of those who participated in the survey in Botswana and Mauritius said they had paid a bribe, a share similar to that in the developed world. In Botswana, 54% of respondents said that they felt the government was doing a great job in fighting With a per-capita income of roughly $17,000, Botswana is among Africa’s richest countries.