Come rain or sunshine, the Springboks are ready for England

Bok skipper Adriaan Strauss believes his side can cause an upset when they meet England at Twickenham tomorrow.

“It might well rain tomorrow and we are preparing for that. Both teams will have to adapt as it will rain on both of us. It does help us, but it also helps England as they have a team well equipped to play a wet weather game too,” said Strauss.

“England have a great contestable kicking game, which is crucial in a wet weather match, and they also maul very well. We are expecting a lot of mauling from them. Both teams have similar strengths so I don’t think wet weather will have a negative impact on either one of them.”

“We are trying to move towards a style that we want to employ to grow our game and take us forward, but we know we are a long way from getting that right. This is another game that we will use to take a step closer. We want to grow and adapt. We know we haven’t executed yet, but the intention is there.”

Strauss said the team had a good week of training, and the weather has been great.

“We’ve had two weeks of good weather so far, it has been like we are back in sunny Pretoria,” said Strauss.

“We are in a good space. The players who have joined us this week are mostly guys who have played here and won here before so that helps the confidence.”

Strauss said that the Springboks are highly focussed.

“We just want to do what we want to do. Our game is where our focus is and we are not too concerned about what is being said outside the camp. I haven’t read any of the opposition comments,” said the captain.

Strauss believes the new defence coach will have an immense impact on the Springbok’s performance.

“We have a new defence coach now and we have sorted out a couple of things in the defensive structure. In one-on-one situations we have to step up. We have worked hard on getting the strategic part of defence right. Discipline is going to be important. We feel that we have stepped up our defence quite significantly, but it is only in the game that we will see that.”

“There’s a lot of pressure going into this match, but then there is pressure in every game you play,” he said.

“This game does not represent the whole season, whether we win or lose. It is not personal. Every test match for a South African is big, this is not about saving the season. It is just another very important test match.”