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The latest single to hit the airwaves from South African born – Australian breakout star, JARID, is a hot new sensual track titled “Don’t Complicate It”. Following the success of his previous single, “Slow Down On It”, this latest release as described by JARID is, “a fusion of 90’s Rnb and today’s Rnb with some pop and hip hop elements,”

With a hot new single that tackles the blurred lines of a casual relationship, JARID aims to make his music as relatable as possible. “Don’t Complicate It” came from an experience in his life, “I was dating this girl and things were going great the way it was. It was casual, no strings attached. We were both incredibly busy so it worked for us. Things started to change when feelings got involved and started causing conflict in the situation. So the song just talks about not complicating a good thing because everything we need we are getting the way it is now,”. Penned by JARID himself, he describes his music as an “outlet for my experiences in life where others may be able to relate to or take comfort in the fact that I go through everyday things just like the next person,”.



This multi-talented artist is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. When asked to describe himself in three words, JARID uses “A Boss. Motivated. A Go-Getter”. While he is all those things, a single like “Don’t Complicate It” shares a more personal side to him with his fans. “I would like people to take the time to think of when they may have been in a similar situation and remember how it made them feel first and foremost and secondly I would love the fact if they loved the song as much as I do,”

Earlier this year, JARID headed to South Africa for a successful media tour of his previous single that saw him stop by places such as Jacaranda FM and Afternoon Express among various others. “The highlight of my last visit was definitely being back home and just feeling the love from everyone in regards to my music. It was such a great feeling,”. Will we be seeing JARID back in Mzansi anytime soon? Most definitely! “I definitely do want to come back to SA! I am hoping to come next year and do a few shows or hopefully get on a few festivals so that I get the chance to perform for all my fans,”

JARID is no stranger to the industry. He was the winner of the World Championships of Performing Arts. He has been nominated for an Australian Music Award, starred in a hit TV show, is a sought-after model, radio and TV presenter, made his mark when participating in Idols Australia, was mentored by Babyface and much more.

For more of JARID, visit his official website at jaridworld.com, and join the conversation with him on social media – Instagram (@JaridOfficial) and Facebook (JaridOfficial). Also, subscribe to his YouTube channel at youtube.com/thejaridwilliams.

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