Die Mondez: In The Trap EP

Written by on September 26, 2021

Die Mondez is back with his latest solo offering since his Die Mondez Are Forever in 2019. Mezzo as he is specially referred to by his fan base has cultivated his lane with his peers since his emergence in 2017. The In The Trap EP is in some ways an indication of how his music has progressed but is also to an extent a reminder of the room for improvement that there is potential. With the viral single, When I’m Dead ft. Flvme and Blxckie doing the rounds, fans had been eagerly anticipating this drop.

Die Mondez (real name, Modisaotsile Godfrey Mvundla) is mostly known for his frequent collaborations with fellow artists such as Flvme, Zoocci Coke Dope, Ecco, and 25K to mention a few. Die Mondez has always been the ideal feature, does just enough to add something to the song, and rarely has an off performance. In terms of his solo work, something a little more has been needed to make the Pretoria-born rapper stand out from the mould. Being under PiFF Audio with Zoocci, the production on most of his projects (including this one) has been handled by the dealer himself, whilst having arguably the most in-demand producer in the country in your corner may be considered a good thing, a feeling of “I’ve heard this before” is prevalent in Mezzo’s solo work.

We know by now what to expect from Zoo’s production and artistry, dark, dreary, thematic, trap beats layered with tales of drugs, chasing money, women, and the standard egotistical bars of course. This template has benefitted Die Mondez but also created an air of repetitiveness in his music, what is refreshing about this EP is that Mezzo is coming into his style and carving out an original lane amongst the generic South African trap starter pack.

As mentioned before Zoocci handles most of the production on the EP along with BigLesReal, and the production is largely the highlight of the project. The production does an excellent job of creating a cinematic feel to the tape, very gloomy 808s, and guitar strings that borrow from the Narcos vibe from the Die Dope mixtape with Zoo. Coupled with selective movie snippets that suit the trap theme, Mezzo flows effortlessly throughout the project. No kidding, 7/7, the verses on this EP are solid, Die Mondez particularly shines on Mozel Tov/ Yung N*#!@, and the closing track, Trap Talk.

The shortcomings to the Ep come in the form of the hooks that seem lacklustre or repetitive at times. An example of this is the hook on Itchy Palms, both Zoo and Mezzo deliver solid verses but the hook doesn’t do the song justice. $afe is the only track with a decent hook to go with the crazy flow and production, the ambient guitar echo background toward the end of the track is particularly fire.

Further highlights on the tape include the splitting of songs into 2 sections, in most cases, the production and flows get better with switch-ups (i.e., the intro, Demons/Escape). Mezzo easily delivers his best performance on the closing track Trap Talk, in which his just honestly talking his s*#! which is a refreshing change of pace from the heavy trap opera in the previous tracks.

All in all, this is a solid, concise 7 tracks that showcase Die Mondez evolution as an artist. The general consciousness when finishing listening to the project is that Mezzo is getting better and better. Hip-hop and music lovers alike will appreciate a listen to this.

Images taken from: @diemondez_piff

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