David Watkyns delivers pure ‘Magic’ with his debut music video

Written by on December 4, 2019

Cape Town-based singer-songwriter, David Watkyns today releases the music video for his brilliant debut single ‘Magic’.

Watch the music video for ‘Magic’ below:


“’Magic’ is about a despondent man singing of his desire to feel the magical experience of being with his lost lover again. Drinking alone in the bar at 3:15am, the alcohol medicates his dream into reality,” explains David Watkyns.

Every song David writes has a clear story and a clear visual behind it. It’s no different with his debut offering ‘Magic’.

“I’m so happy to have completed my debut music video, with the help of an amazing cast and crew, bringing the story and the song to life,” and David is making his mark with a very impressive debut music video.

The music video follows the narrative of the song’s lyrics, which is about a young man singing about his desire to be with a lost lover. Late at night in a quiet bar, David’s performance is joined by his love interest (played by actress Savannah Schutzler) and his band members Kilo Karmi (Drums) and Ryan McArthur (Bass).

Shot in a popular local bar Casa Do Mar in Table View, Cape Town, the video had Hugo Brand as Director of Photography and a cameo appearance from Actor/Model, Victor Geldenhuys as the bartender.

The music video for ‘Magic’ shows off some fun, experimental uses of various dreamlike practical effects like a smudged lens creating flares and blurs, and David suspended in the air by the help of scaffold and post-production masking.

In summary, the video is pure ‘Magic’!

“I had the first lyrics and chords for a year in my head “Quarter past three, I’m sinking. Waiting for the coffee to kick in”. I sat down and wrote the story about the character thinking: Why was he there? What was his motive and outcome? Building a movie and story in my head.” David continues explaining the creative process behind the single, saying “Then the first verse came out, with the ending line ‘I just want to feel the magic in between, of you and me’. Then came three options of a Chorus/hook, but none of them sat right.”

Creating the single took time and with the help of fellow musician Gerry Liberty, it started taking shape.

“Gerry Liberty came over to the studio in Vredehoek, Cape Town, writing and creating demo tracks for various projects. I played him my demo of ‘3:15’ and he immediately jumped on the vocal microphone and we doubled the ‘Magic’ hook. That evening I added the trumpet hooks, verse 2, and mapped out production for the rest of the song,” and David was finally seeing ‘Magic’ become the single he had envisioned.

The single went for mixing with Dane Taylor at Taylorsoundworks, but both Dane and David agreed that verse 2 needed a re-write and the single needed a middle 8 vocal. A few scribbles later they recorded the rest of the song and mixed the final ‘Magic’ track.

Mastering was done by the incredible Randy Merrill (from Nashville US, 3-time Grammy winner who has worked with the likes of Adele, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift), who put the final shine onto ‘Magic’.

David Watkyns is not only honing his skills as a singer-songwriter, but he is also one of SA’s top pianists and trumpeters. He has been a prominent performer with many artists & bands from Arno Carstens (Springbok Nude Girls), to Mike Rutherford (Genesis, Mike and the Mechanics) with performances across Africa, Europe and Asia, including Isle of Wight Festival (UK), St Paul’s Cathedral (UK), Oppikoppi (SA), Rocking the Daisies (SA). He graduated Bachelors of Music from the University of Cape Town in Jazz Studies and winner of MELA Legends Award for “Contribution by youth to South African Music Industry”.  Influenced by musicians Chet Baker, Elton John and songwriters Andrew Wyatt, Gregg Alexander; David’s music is piano/keyboard-driven with classic instrumentation, big trumpet choruses and lyrics of love, lust and loss.

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