coronavirus prevention guidelines in song

Written by on March 26, 2020

As the panic wave from Coronavirus continues to hit the entire world, governments and citizens combine efforts to wage a war against this pandemic, Artist and musician are also flooding in their contributions the best way they know-how, which is through songs.

With widest of smiles, the South African” Ndlovu choir lays out the basic guidelines.


Kenyan Ministry of sports, culture and heritage features the talent Masauti, Chuchu and George the Street Boy to deliver their own massage  I this song titled ‘Corona’. This song is bound to have you forget a little about the pandemic while gyrating your hips to this textured afrobeat and for those who do not fall under the Swahili speaking community google the lyrics.


In the most humorous way possible yet very informative  South African’s electronic duo The Kiffness will make you dread every minute of quarantine as the the


Ugandan pop star Bobi Wines added a dance hall flavour instalment of the musical contribution.

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